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Originally Posted by Crunchymama View Post
As for everyone thinking I'm some horrible villainous person, this couldn't be further from the truth. I have put up with quite a lot of emotional abuse from Mahogany and yet I still extend my hand in friendship because I truly care for her. The way I felt before meeting her should not be held against me since meeting her. I never once have asked him to leave her for me.
Ah, Crunchymama, I just posted to your thread. I did not know it was Mahogany and you who are involved in this situation! I'm not sure there was ever any previous mention that it is Mahogany who is the wife of the man you're involved with. If everyone here knew who the players were and that you were both here, we could engage in more productive conversation with both of you. As it is now, you've both been offered responses as if they were separate situations, not knowing you were both in the same situation. Would probably be good to talk together in the same thread, perhaps not this one but in another.
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