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Originally Posted by SNeacail View Post
I see it like a cinder block wall. It can stand firm for years, but over time seemingly small things can erode away at the entire structure. Water, erosion, tree roots, etc. will slowly eat away at the mortar holding it together until one day a portion of it crumbles. Now there is this gaping hole in the wall and the entire thing is unsafe and in danger of collapsing.

Unfortunately when we start the repairs, we may have to chip away even more brick and mortar than originally thought until we find undamaged pieces. This is incredibly hard when we can't see the end result and all we see is a big mess with a hole that is getting bigger. Eventually, we can start laying the new concrete foundation, we can put in the new bricks and even add proper rebar supports that weren't there in the first place and even more concrete. While we are at it, we beef up the rest of the wall that didn't come down. Now we have a wall that is much much stronger than the original was when it was new.
I believe in this kind of constant rebirth and rebuilding. It is endlessly exciting to think about what can be laid down over years.

Thank you for walking me through this metaphor, it was lovely.
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