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Our relationship has a very stable foundation. We have good communication. We talk about everything and tell each other everything. I may be in France for the time being but we still make sure to talk for at least an hour everyday. Weíve discussed polyamory in detail even more since my first post. Starting with how we believe a couple would be the best for us. I think this would help me with my insecurity/ jealousy issue. Iím not insecure in our relationship now. Itís strong. I just feel like if we had a girl in our relationship I would be. I do not consider myself bi, so would that mean he would split his time? Him splitting time would be my problem. But if we found another couple I wouldnít be alone, we would both be splitting time together.

Weíve been setting boundaries. Itís still sort of a work in progress to figure it out. I appreciate all the suggestions, though. We definitely still need to learn more about it. Thanks for the search ideas. Iíve been trying to read as much about it as I can. Itís enlightening to see the different side of it and it makes me understand where I fit in to the idea of polyamory. Itís definitely not something thatís going to happen over night. Due to many different constraints, like not being in the same country, nevermind not knowing who we would like have a relationship with.

Thanks again for all the ideas and information.
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