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Originally Posted by DayStar View Post
I just don't know how to start. Are there coupled women out there that want a committed relationship with a man? I'm not interested in experimenting with a lot of different women. I did that before marriage. I'd really like to be a family again. This time different. Extended.
Are there any good examples of this?
There are many examples of functioning poly "family" "tribes" whatever they call themselves on this forum, it has been suggested you do a search... good idea! Loving Radiance and I are but two.... many others!

When I am looking for a need to fulfill I start creating it by getting out there and opening the door to others. I created a women's group out of a need to be with other women to talk about our 50 women are members and we meet once a month. Others in my community had a need to discuss the basics of poly... so they started inviting people to do so. The meetings have created a whole community that networks together. A lot of love has been shared because of is. Again, I wanted to go camping with poly people in my community... this year it has turned into a two week poly camp (that I am doing workshops at) where everyone is invited. That came out of a camping trip last year.

You can create whatever you want in this life... with the spirit of taking care to not create something that is a detriment to others, to vow to have integrity and respect and be honest and open to others and everything they bring, you seriously can do anything.... mumma was right
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