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Originally Posted by Sunshinegrl View Post
Sorry If I touched a nerve or caused offence, Mono. And what truly is a natural fit? Sometimes pushing your boundaries can lead to some amazing new discoveries. As Im sure you have discovered.

I enjoy a little bit of Light Bdsm... Not the the leash and collar extent but I do enjoy being dominated and a few other things.
No actual offence taken Sunshinegirl. I am very proud of how I love and can react to things as opposed to responding to them..I'll work on that

Pushing boundaries is a dangerous thing for me. I don't really have the ability to step back once a line has been crossed...another aspect of my black and white nature. Things change very permanently for me in most cases.

That being said me and Redpepper discuss boundaries as opposed to pushing them. We discussed my boundaries throughout the night and because I felt so respected my comfort level skyrocketted. She has no idea how her respect for my comfort filled me with a new aspect of love for her.

The leash was my idea. I don't play by BDSM rules and don't care what the "rules" say about collars. I simply wanted everyone to know I was willingly all hers and I felt damn proud to be with such a sexy lady!

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