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Good morning FlameKat, Magdlyn, SNeacail, Redpepper, Black Unicorn

I hope you all had a restful night

Yeah, it is sad what happened. I wonder if he was having issues of his own trying to adjust to it all? He seemed to have been running, or maybe just not knowledgeable about it.....he just seemed to lack understanding.....or maybe I am making excuses for him.

We have talk about it, and he says we was not ALWAYS with her....he also participated in other recreations.....I guess basketball, football, baseball, and hanging out with friends, as well as her (on top of school and work). She seems to have been a piece of the reasons behind his absences. But because it hurt me so bad....I tend to focus on the piece more than the others. My bad

He has greatly reduced this other relationship, in hopes that we can re-grow our connection. He has been giving to me and is now sacrificing.... He has genuinely expressed that he wants me, loves me, and will fight to restore and undo the hurt.....I have asked him to go (never really wanting to loose him, only wanting to loose the pain) He only embraces me and says he loves me too much and knows he has so much more happiness to give me......I am sorry this has turned into a bash on him.....but I ONLY speak the truth about our hopes you all understand me and my growth in the process.

I now know he does love me, because he could have LEFT me and started anew with her. She often asked he to choose, no matter how she tries to paint as though she was on my side during their betrayal.....I am NOT stupid

She has apologized numerous times for her part in it....and has been respectful enough to be honest about her wrong in her wishing I had just left him......but fact that she is a cowgirl bothers me.

How can she go from WANTING him for wanting to share him with me????? She is also single, living at home alone with her children. How could she be ok with being alone more often than being with him????

She has asked him things...."Who does he love more?" and things along those lines...."Who is he going to choose to be with?" etc.....

He has explained to her that he will not be a part of her household the way she needs and that she needs to date in hopes to find her own primary....but she tells me she cannot do it, because she is mono and her heart is with him

How is her being our metamour alone going to be enough for her???? How is she going to get what she needs????? This bothers me too.

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