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Originally Posted by NeonKaos View Post
Maybe your husband just needs to be by himself for a little while and figure things out. It's probably a good thing for you two to have a break from each other. Try not to feel as though the rest of your life has to be decided this weekend. Give things a chance to work themselves out. It's hard to see how things could do that when you're in the middle of it all. Don't make any decisions that you can't take back during this time.
that's what I'm hoping and what he thinks. thankfully he can stay at his folks house at least through april alone to figure out things... we are talking often

we've set up tuesday lunch dates so we can talk and work on the marriage.

he's offered to stay with my dogs when i go to visit J which is above and beyond the call of duty in my eyes... but I appreciate it....

my daughter and i had it out this morning so she and he bf packed up and left as well... now it's just me for a while....

my entire life since thursday has changed.

I'm currently separated. (while my state does not allow legal separations we are apart)
i am currently childless

i now have a Long Distance boyfriend...

and to Mono... I owe you an apology... it's rather clear now to me (and it was to DH all along) that J is a Cowboy.. the minute DH was out of the house he ramped up his behavior and declared us a couple....
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