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As a teen I used to go to a sleep away camp in upstate NY for the better part of the summers. It was smack in the middle of the woods with a mile long gravel road being the only way to drive in. There was nothing for miles around but trees. The owner used to cook with wild fruits and mushrooms native to the area and I became really interested in going out and foraging for them as I already loved cooking. Her son would take me through the woods and wildflower fields for hours and we'd come back with basket fulls of mushrooms, berries, apples, wild herbs. It's been so many years I'm sure I've forgotten but I loved it. I'd love to bring my son up there and go on the walks with him. Not only was the food excellent, but the nature hikes were beautiful and it was really fun. Like a treasure hunt where you always felt special when you found the biggest edible mushroom.
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