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Talking Re: dating sites other than OKC

Originally Posted by Andy4700 View Post
I've been on OKC now for quite a while and have had zero luck meeting anyone poly. 99% of the women on there seem to be looking for traditional relationships. :/ I met an awesome new friend on there, but thats about it.

Anyone know of any sites more geared toward poly or open relationships?

Its getting depressing to not know where to look. Seems like there has to be someone for me out there.... its just finding her..... grrr
I hear you my brother. I know this may not help you at all but you are not alone. Unfortunately much that OKC is very poly-friendly we (sadly) can't create more poly or poly-curious women out there.

I & my wife had been back on OKC for about four months.
We both had separate profiles. She was getting about five emails a week from interested guys. I was getting about two a month.

Yes it sux. All I can suggest is join and attend local Poly social gatherings. They can be so much fun. And guess what! Not all the women there will fancy you but the vast majority of them are open to guys like you and I.

I recommend them.

I wish you all the best I really do.

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