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I understand the need for awareness and bringing about more acceptance of polyamory in mainstream society. Personally, I don't treat the subject lightly, and I am not afraid of activism. I didn't mean to give that impression. Hell, I've marched in Washington for abortion rights when I was much younger. However, I feel now that living life as one chooses, rather than how society expects one to live, is also a form of activism. Quieter, yes, but activism still.

I can make my statement in a way that is right for me, with or without participation in rallies and parades and such. I don't begrudge others their form of activism, I just don't find it works for me. The reason I dislike the idea of a poly "movement" is that a movement then tends to place expectation on anyone who would lean in that direction, and the potential for being judged if not doing it "correctly," or along the lines of what the larger group deems to be the way to do it. I am me and struggling to be me is how I stake my claim in the world, but I don't see waving a banner as the way I should do it. That is all.
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