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While I appreciate and respect the "individualists" among us here, who fear large scale poly activism, and their expressed points of view, I want to register my complaint against this idea in its narrower formulations.

The first word that comes to mind is solidarity. Through cooperation and collaboration -- and activism -- various suppressed and oppressed minorities have historiclaly succeeded in changing social and cultural attitudes in the direction of more honesty and openness and visibility. And away from fear and contempt and hatered. An obvious example is that of the LGBT movement. And I don't think it is fair to those of us who think polyfolk share in a history of oppression and suppression to treat the subject too lightly. And we're treated too lightly when our concerns are brushed aside as if being
poly isn't at all like, say, being gay. Gay people, like other minorities, have won greater (though still insufficient) recognition and respect through large scale activism. That's nothing to be brushed aside lightly.
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