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I'm sorry that you're going through some rough stuff right now.

Originally Posted by whatamIdoing View Post
My DH moved out last night saying "you can't love two people"
and I said "I can and I do"
DH said "well I can't"
This kind of thing is throwing my mind for a loop at the moment. I've seen it come up repeatedly...
I suppose I can understand why people project their own view's and opinions into their least until there's a big enough disagreement to finally come to the realization that no matter how close a couple is, they are not the same people.
This is a classic not alone by any stretch....

But what get's me is that for all the importance that people have attached to the relationship with their mate, child, whomever, that they have so much trouble tearing away from the ideal that they would rather sacrifice their loved one...especially when the ideal isn't one that needs to affect them.

If a child comes out as homosexual/atheist/Habs Fan, how does a parent choose some abstract principle/church/Leafs over their blood? Especially when the child isn't asking the parent to BE homosexual/etc, just accept them and love them.

If a mate comes out as poly, and isn't necessarily asking the other spouse to follow suit, it baffles me that people can choose to cast aside a considerable portion of their lifetime so quickly...even if not easily. It shouldn't matter if he can't love more than one, if he still loves you. So much for the pipe dream.

I can understand the disbelief, the hurt, feelings of betrayal, jealousy, the threat of the unknown. I understand where they come from, and how they can make us all behave badly if we let them get the better of us.

But today I just can't fathom why people would chose that angst/anger/negativity over those that we love.

Food for thought...snack time.
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