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My DH moved out last night saying "you can't love two people" and I said

"I can and I do" DH said "well I can't"

J and I TRIED to explain this to him. J told him "I can easily understand how she can love two people I can love more than one..." so J clearly is on board with this. He and I are currently waiting to see what my DH does. WE are hoping he will come around... but he says I am ripping his heart out and killing him and he lost his marriage.

YET, he can't give up his lady friends and he called me a whore last night... and was screaming at me inches from my face. He's always been a bit dramatic and he's been manipulative... and I'm not backing down.

J is backing me. and we will continue on as a couple right now...

should my DH wish to return to OUR life, we will welcome him back and continue to seek a local partner for J to have should this occur... otherwise J and I will be just us for a while...
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