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Originally Posted by redevil View Post
Honestly religion is not something that Lobster and I discuss. It is something that interests him greatly (as does politics) while I am the deer in the head lights.
I'll mention Unitarian Universalism again. Christians, agnostics, atheists, Pagans, and more sit next together and discuss religious ethics, social justice concerns, religious language, etc. It's a church where Lobster can find people who can talk with him about the religious issues that he struggles with. It might well be a church that will help you be able to talk religion with him...and this might be important to him.

UUs for Polyamory Awareness has spent the last ten years raising awareness about polyamory in UUism to blaze a trail for families like yours. It should be possible to find a UU minister with whom you can talk openly about your situation and find the religious support that Lobster needs.

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