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More about me... I'm to 3 beautiful yours, mine, and ours daughters... Adoring wife of almost 5 years to an intelligent, attractive, loving, amazing man... Im currently in school for my masters in psychology and would ultimately like to work in juvenile corrections... In my "spare" time... I participate in endurance sports... Half ironman triathlons... Century bike rides... Marathons and half marathons... Bikram yoga...cross fit...paddle boarding... Hiking... Anything out doors... And raising my smart, beautiful daughters to be strong, independent and loving women...

We started on this poly journey around January 2009 though I have always been of the poly mindset (or more so, just not comfortable with lifelong monogamy...) and have a supportive partner with whom I can enjoy this enriching lifestyle...

We have had a hard time meeting people in our area who are poly and I crave finding people with whom I can share my experiences, fears, insecurities, etc... My best friend listens and accepts my lifestyle, and although she says these relationships would be the ideal lifestyle for her, her husband could not disagree while I can talk about things with her, she's never lived it... So it is hard sometimes.

Anyway..want to know more...just ask
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