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Question Triple Income Family

I've always liked women. During my 20 year marriage most of my friends were female. When my wife was too busy she would say to 'go out with one of your friends'. I would and there was never any sex but lots of good times.
Now, I'm not married and I can choose my next kind of relationship. I guess my question is: How do I find two like minded women to share lives with? I think my heart is big enough to share and that Love is like fire, the more fuel that's put in the bigger the flames.
I'm not looking at this from just a sexual side (though I love sex). I also see it as a pooling of resources. Resources like knowledge, experience, labor, and a pooling of financial security.
I have small farm in a small town in the Inland North West. Garden, sheep, chickens, orchard, bees...and I want more than one person to share it with. I like the idea of intentional community and I like the idea of intentional family. I just don't know how to start. Are there coupled women out there that want a committed relationship with a man? I'm not interested in experimenting with a lot of different women. I did that before marriage. I'd really like to be a family again. This time different. Extended.
Are there any good examples of this?
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