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Hi there. I am always skeptical about long-distance relationships in which someone says they're in love with a person whom they've never met in real life. In my humble opinion, the kind of chemistry and deep connection that makes love possible really only happens after you spend time with someone in person. Til then, it's just smoke and mirrors, even if you've video-cammed or skyped or whatever. That's just how I see things like this, take it or leave it.
I look at our situation through extremely chivalric and romantic eyes, and yes again I will admit to thinking everything you said and yes it all makes sense..but I'm very optimistic, and maybe naive..
Ten years is a really long time, I grant you that, but without having ever met her that amount of time also makes a lot of room for fantasy.
Again, those are facts that I can't ignore...but I do anyway...I love her, however much a love like this can go, and I'm struggling and fighting to keep that, nomatter what cracks may suddenly be appearing
Really, you say you know her, but do you? Is she really separated from her husband for the last two years, as she says, or is it some other kind of situation? When she says she's poly, does that mean it's something new or she's been living polyamorously all along? She could be radically different from who she seems to be in emails and on the phone.
Do I know her? Not explicitly and completely. But I want to, reguardless of what it is I may learn.
(sigh) and oh yeah..we don't talk on the phone...I have her number, but i have been encouraged to not use it (even though I would gladly pay long distance $$)
I think the best thing to do is plan a visit -- not uprooting your life to move there, for chrissakes -- a visit!
lol we have no intention of uprooting anything..i know we have to far as i know we are going to this summer...but she needs to fly here, unfortunately..once she gets here I'm going to treat her to the very best America has to offer (slight sarcasm there), but it is quite essential that for the time being she comes here..

**thanks for the Cure lyrics..
it is great to meet a fellow fan, it unfortunately seems as though we are a dying breed..

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