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I'm sitting in a coffee shop now and a couple is breaking up, right in front of me, exchanging bags with what each person had in the other person's apartment. They are of the same nationality as me but we are in another country, so they didn't bother to not be loud thinking that nobody understands them.

God... the irony.

The girl left without looking back. The guy was trying to be hard with her but you could see how sad he was. Too bad, if they only knew it was coded in their DNA maybe they would have been nicer to each other... not hurt, not angry... they could have told each other "That's life, relationships can't last forever, despite what all those songs on radio say..."

Jesus, I wish I was a believer.... I feel like I'm 7 years old again, realizing for the first time that my parents can't answer all my questions. Terrible.

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