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Originally Posted by jerry424 View Post
Well, yeah, I would like to explore another relationship, at least in theory. In practice, circumstances are going to make that very difficult. I just don't know anyone in this area, poly or not. And it seems that this experience has brought out some issues within myself that I feel like I'd need to work on before putting myself out there for anyone else. Thanks for sharing, though. I feel a lot of those things you described.
I agree with you on that... there are a lot of issues I have unresolved and never realized because my relationship was all about me and him. With another woman in it, all those insecurities resurfaced.

I have no regrets, but I would definitely caution anyone I know that it is NOT always easy, especially at first. I think out of all of us, I was the most realistic in terms of that, but it meant that my husband, especially was quite surprised by my issues (and some of hers, frankly).

It provides amazing chances for self-growth if you are someone willing to see things about yourself that are not easy to see... and willing to put in the effort to sort those things out in your head and with your beloved(s).
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