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Originally Posted by Penny View Post

Sex at Dawn focuses on our polyamorous natures, but it also demonstrates that humans evolved to have a mixed reproductive strategy. This does not exclude monogamy as a viable option.
The question is "what is the natural strategy?" (natural as in "what is our real nature?"). Rape has also been, at times, a viable option to reproduce.

Is there a variety of strategies? sure.. you only need to look back 70 years to Nazi Germany, where the state put together tall blond female officers with tall blond male officers, so they would "create" a "perfect Aryan baby". I'm sure it seemed "normal" to them.

But look at high schools today, teen pregnancies... today teens first have sex, THEN start dating.

Is monogamy a viable option? yea...... sure. From all viable options what is the likelihood that it is the most basic and natural option, when you consider all the evidence to the contrary? About one in a million. Even catholic priests can't keep their hands off the cookie jar ! How strong should the urge for novelty be so even the most powerful person in the world won't be able to control it??? Ask Monica Lewinsky....

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