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Originally Posted by Penny View Post
Haha, interesting. I might be an idiot. But the fact that I won every single award in my department while a student, makes it unlikely. And that's why I brought it up only deep into this discussion, because you kept telling me "you don't understand!" as if I'm an idiot... I don't understand what? That all people are "different" from each other?

If we were monogamous, we would bond with one person until death, never look left or right, never have recreational sex, there would have been no reason for multiple orgasms, sperm wars wouldn't make any sense, pornography would have been at the fringe, escort services none existent... It is just that, for me, yes, for ME, the evidence is so overwhelming that I can't wrap my mind around the idea that it is not "obvious" for everybody.

But then again, 90% of people believe in a "god" so...

OK, I must remind myself how emotional and irrational people are, and move on.... thanks
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