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This is a discussion board. Of course, people here want to discuss and "dig deeper." That's all we do here. Have you read much of it? Look at how many pages and pages of posts there are here, where people are digging deeper. However, what folks are saying here is that you seem to be talking down to anyone with a different opinion or idea, in quite a condescending manner. That is not discussion. That is browbeating.

No one here has said they don't want to discuss the topic you brought up. However, the request has been made numerous times for you to look at the way in which you attempted to engage us and make an adjustment to that. In other words, please dial down the "holier than thou" attitude that you've put forth. Even in your last post, you seem to be saying that you are the one here who knows how to carry on a "broader and more intellectual" discussion, and that reads as maddeningly arrogant. I'm sure many of us here, if not most, would appreciate hearing your perspective and discussing it intelligently, if only your delivery wasn't so confrontational and hard to swallow.

I'm actually wondering if you're just a troll.
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