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Originally Posted by disillusioned View Post
We are not all born gay or straight ... but these are preferences, orientations...

The question if are we monogamous creatures or not is one level deeper. It is about the core, the basis.. what is the underlining nature of our sexual nature. Sexual preferences come way way later down the road. Do you see the difference?
I think you are implying that sexual orientation is learned later in life. I am not even touching that one I must admit I am not sure where you are going with this but ultimately I find it ironic that a monogamous person is defending the valid ideas and experiences of people on a poly board; why is that when I could just focus on my own certainty of monogamy within myself?...because I accept that people are only truly known to themselves, by themselves.

The truth of our individual orientations and preferences resides in each of us..not in the opinions of any person regardless of education or credentials.

To tell people they are a certain way, born a certain way, love a certain way or want certain things is nothing more than dictatorship. This is not a community that abides by that type or authoritative approach.

Everyone is free to express ideas on here. But we are almost always careful to own those ideas and not cast them on to others.

This is where you can develop skills to share your positive feelings and beliefs without causing a natural defensive posture in your audience. If people who are poly react this way imagine what the rest of mainstream monogamous society will react like?

Stop saying "you are wrong" and start saying "look at this wonderful thing I have discovered".

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