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Just read this're getting resistance form a board that is very poly orientated...why is that? You really need to do some heavy reading on here my friend. All your misconceptions about how people think on here is do to not having read the stories and thoughts of those who contribute.

Just trying to help.

Originally Posted by disillusioned View Post
Also, I think realizing that we are not monogamous creatures can only help you guys here, because it explains everything.... why people want / need more than one relationship, why you can have feelings towards two or more people...

I understand that many of you guys feel "special " and more mature than others, and "different ". Then I come along and say "no... you are not different at all ". I understand why this would make you to not like me...

You are special because you were strong enough to see thru the lies. Now be strong enough to realize that you are NOT special in that we were all born non monogamous, and that this is all pure biology and nothing else... and that being poly is a RESULT of this non monogamous nature.

Are you here just to comfort each other or do you also want to find out the reason for all of this and why you are how you are?

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