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Originally Posted by disillusioned View Post

I understand that many of you guys feel "special " and more mature than others, and "different ". Then I come along and say "no... you are not different at all ". I understand why this would make you to not like me...

You are special because you were strong enough to see thru the lies. Now be strong enough to realize that you are NOT special in that we were all born non monogamous, and that this is all pure biology and nothing else...
It's not that people don't like you's that you are making blanket statement about every person in the world when the only person you know is yourself. I think it is great that you have done some self research and read some literature, but you're "I am right" attitude makes your opinions seem from a place of bitterness and over excitement that you have found something new. The people on this board have worlds of experience in poly beyond what you can hope to achieve simply through reading. They live it...they have learned through personal experience, real exposure to what you seem to have only read about.

You haven't pointed anything out to anyone. We are not all born non-monogamous my friend....just like we are all not born gay or straight. The only person you can speak about with any authority and credibility is yourself. That's it, your true knowledge does not extend beyond your own mind and heart. Your assumptions that you know anything beyond yourself is what creates the need to explain yourself over and over. Learn to accept that other people know themselves better than anyone else and that there are no definites....then your message will be better received.

There is no acceptance to be gained through your approach..only resistance. Show some acceptance, step down from the position of being all knowing about the human race and just share your "experiences" with us. That is the way to show people how good what you believe in is

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