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We are talking on two different levels here. You talk about "options". If you are gay, is it an option for you? Do you opt to be gay? Or were you born with the option to be gay and then you decide on which side you are on?

I understand that you guys here are poly and you feel that its a choice that you made. I'm here because I realized something else - that we are All, by nature, not monogamous creatures. This mainly relates to sex and I'm talking purely on the academic level of facts,logic, my personal experience etc. And it has nothing to do with choice - it is biological determinism. You don't have the "option " to not eat. You don't have the option to decide if you want to die after X years or live for ever. Nobody asks you... that's just life. And if you were born gay....? That's not an option for you either, right ?

Is it immoral to tell a little boy that he should not "like " other boys because it is "wrong " and he should no be gay? I think yes.

I think it is immoral to "teach " monogamy. I think it is more immoral than teaching "god " because "god " works against our mind and freedom but monogamy works against our body. It is so ingrained into us that even here, on a poly discussion board, I need to defend myself and explain my meaning 5 times.

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