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Originally Posted by disillusioned View Post
It is not wrong "for me". It is just plane wrong

So.... yea, I'm enthusiastic. I think this is huge. It is the equivalent to "the death of god" (Nietzsche). It is equivalent to the discovery of the steam engine. Left to our biology and stripped from the control of religion, our entire society should have been organized RADICALLY differently.

(Yes, I know, they tried it in the 60s...)

Anyway... my two cents.
wow, more than two cents

There are a lot of things that are huge in the world... your personal relationship with your self is not one of them. This is "wrong" for just you. If you have read some of the threads and posts here you will see that...

It is rather disrespectful of other peoples journeys to say otherwise. It's disrespectful I think, to people on this very forum who come here to try and understand... who make an attempt to meet us half way and to look for ways we can work together and be together in this world.

It's akin to born again Christians telling me to find Christ or Jehovah Witnesses coming to my door with fear that I might not be saved and go to heaven when judgement day comes... or whatever, I shut off when they start ..... why? Because it's disrespectful and I am uninterested if I am feeling disrespected. It gets my back up, I get defensive and I immediately am in fight mod rather than in empathy/listening/respect/wonder mod.

Poly is based on some foundations that translate to other areas in life... in other relationships. People come here thinking they are going to talk about poly, but really they are largely talking about basic relationship dynamics and how to communicate and be respectful to one another... while I get and cherish your passion I find it difficult to accommodate your style of delivery.

I say this, as I once delivered my passion in a similar way... the point is to find ways to present your passion to those who don't get it in a way that they find interest in investigating more. Shutting them out by telling them they are "wrong" is not going to do that in my opinion. At least this is what I have learned.

It takes many different people to make a village...

Originally Posted by dingedheart View Post
Eagles, some vultures, beavers maybe elephants...I'm sure the list is long..
parrots! the animal for poly... they are, in fact, monogamous

Originally Posted by disillusioned View Post
Making people to ask questions is not to attack them.... I wish someone "attacked " me like that when I was 15. Educating and advocating monogamy is, to me, nothing less than imoral.
You know what, when I was 15 I wish I had been accepted as a Lesbian! No one even knew what one was in my small town, let alone that it could occur!!!! That is not immoral! That is just lack of education!

People advocate for what they grew up with. They grew up with it, because it served a purpose... to keep us on the same page. The thing is that once we know there are options its important to explore them, try them on, choose them or not and move forward... I believe in educating others to those options as I go along. How does morality fit with that?

It's like saying to a family of brown haired people who lived out in the wild for their whole lives, never having seen a red head, that they are wrong for having brown hair and should dye it red. *WHA?* confusion would follow. Why not patiently explain that it is an option if they want to chose did and it works for you.... why not say what ever they chose is okay...

You would have them all red heads by the end of tomorrow..!. something tells me you would be forced to leave before that happens and would create hatred for the very idea of having red hair. Not to mention created a closet for one or more family members that might of liked to of tried it..... that to me is what is wrong.

Originally Posted by disillusioned View Post
I really need to read more about poly... what do you do about kids, if you want them? If you have a main relationship and then 2nds, how is that different from an open relationship?
Are you serious! .....


Please.... please.... with all due respect to all of us here... please do some reading and researching before telling people they are wrong and immoral... HA! *head shake* LOL....

Look, you are totally welcome here. don't get me wrong. We all have our journey, but I just lost a year of my life over your posts only to find out you think you should find out more about poly??? K, that hasn't happened to me for a while on here...

carry on. good luck.


*moving on*
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