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Originally Posted by disillusioned View Post
Educating and advocating monogamy is, to me, nothing less than imoral.

what do you do about kids, if you want them? If you have a main relationship and then 2nds, how is that different from an open relationship?
I must admit, monogamy was not something directly taught to me...society as a whole set an example and expectations for sure though; that is how a lot of people end up being conditioned for monogamy as opposed to actually being monogamous.

As far as kids go, usually there is a primary couple involved where the desire for children comes in.

An open relationship gives the impression of a dynamic where primarily there is more freedom to pursue sexual relationships outside of the relationship in a much more independent way. Kind of like free range love that requires less partner knowledge and "approval" if you will. You declare openness, set up some safeties and then do your own thing. Poly promotes a greater awareness of the relationships in our partner's lives and generally some level of familiarity among all people.

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