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Originally Posted by booklady78 View Post
No worries Magdyln I received much of the validation I was looking for and I've been able to talk with my hubby about how we're feeling. We do agree that we need to spend more time together, just doing stuff as a couple. Alot of the guilt about not feeling sexual towards each other at the moment has lessened and we're much more relaxed about things.
It's kinda going to be like starting over, rediscovering our own relationship. I think "POLY!!" kinda took over for awhile, it seemed everything revolved around that, and while we were communicating better and more often, we were taking our relationship for granted a bit. We've got work to do, but I feel a whole lot better knowing our situation is not as unique as I thought. We aren't alone and it helps alot to know that.
Thank you so much everyone for sharing and offering words of support.
Good deal. Don't forget to stop back in and give us an update. Good luck!! ^_^
Courage doesn't always Roar - Sometimes it is the quiet voice at the end of day saying I will try again tomorrow.
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