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SDtatistics and personal experiences main point is directly related to how to bring about change. Next is recognizing that what works for us, does not work for everyone.

How do you get people to respond to an idea in a positve way? Do you attack their ideas and tell them why they are wrong? Or do you show them new ideas in a positve light with real examples?

Most people I know are the kind who look at things and then decide for themselves if it appeals to them.

Another aspect of the "revolution" concept is why do you want it? From a personal stand point, the idea of non-monogamy makes perfect sense to anyone who wants it...the pool of potential partners is expanded, there is no judgement or stigma attached and ultimately you gain more personal freedom. But to those who don't want it, it makes no sense at all to change. For those that are happy in monogamy there would be no benefit of opening up to non-monogamy. There are plenty of happy mono couples and believe it or not, not all people want multiple sex partners just because they appreciate the attributes of other people. I love motorbikes, all motorbikes. However, I don't ride any besides the one I own; I don't even test ride bikes during Harley promotional days where all the new shiny bikes are there for you to try....but I like being around them, and checking them out. Maybe that's a bad analogy...but I do love bikes!

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