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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
All very interesting and valid points but you should consider broadening your scope of research is all I am saying. Divorce rates are actually down in north america according to some resources including Anthropologist Helen Fischer.

Here is a link to a thread about some of her information.
Thanks I will read it. Just out of the top of my head - probably rates are down because number of marriages are down to begin with, so the people who do get married are "more" into it, out of the total number, than people used to be 30 years ago, when everybody got married.

What people actually do doesn't matter really... what matters is how these marriages look like.

Lets put something else on the table - impotency: NOTHING IS WRONG WITH US. IT'S JUST THAT ONCE WE SLEPT WITH YOU 1000 TIMES, WE WANT SOMETHING NEW!!!!

:-) Half kidding.... (half not)
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