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Sorry I have to continue this.

So... After 9 years I told my girlfriend - "I really want to sleep with other women sometimes". It was a SHOCK for her. Why? Because for 9 years I haven't even LOOKED at other girls while I was around her. In fact, she told me that she thought that something is "wrong" with me, or that I might be gay.

And why didn't I even look at other girls around her? Because I didn't want to make her uncomfortable... because I learned that "it's wrong". Even that looking is, according to society, "OK". But touching?? god forbid!

Two people married for 30 years. 3 kids. The guy will sleep with an escort one time.... or with the secretary.. whoever. BOOM! Divorce! The wife will take the house, the car, the kids - the 30 years? OUT THE WINDOW!

Tiger Woods.......... You know what would have been news to me? If he would be Tiger Woods and HE WOULDN'T SLEEP WITH $2000 an hour escorts!!! That would have been news!

But no... all the newspapers and everybody was talking about "bad" Tiger Woods, and what a terrible person he is, and this and that... He had sex! THE HORROR!

And in the same time... SEX IS EVERYWHERE. On every single woman's newspaper - "50 tricks to spark your sex life!" "25 ways to make your man go crazy!" "10 things you didn't know about your man's orgasm!" Look at ANY video clip on MTV - SEX SEX SEX! It is EVERYWHERE !

BUT........... YOU CANNOT HAVE IT! You must get married, have kids and have sex once a month, with ONE person! FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE

WHY? Because we said so !!!!!

Ok now that I took that out of system... haha. Look at the middle east... people fighting for democracy, to be free from dictatorship. What about the dictatorship of social conventions?
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