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Originally Posted by ImaginaryIllusion View Post
I make a distinction between religion, and the Church. One is a belief system, and the other if a group of people spouting dogma. I have little trouble with religion. It's the organization, the groups of people, the mobs that leave me shaking my head.

I gained a LOT of insight when I started to question everything I was brought up to believe. There was a point, where I was actively looking for reasons to abandon my faith completely. It was through that search, that I was able to differentiate between what I truly believed my faith was about vs what was just organizational dogma.

When I find myself being judgemental, I am now able to stop and evaluate where it's comming from. Am I reacting because of years of indoctrination or because there is something truly wrong (they are hurting others, etc). Where I struggle the most now is with my anger toward those (mostly family members), who spout judgements and justify it with religous BS. I have become the irritating person who questions their rants with "Why?".
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