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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
We did have lots of fun. but there is definitely no poly creeping into me at all. In fact, one of my fears around this is that I might give the impression of being anything but monogamous and that perhaps my boundaries within our relationship were relaxing. Her other Love has always been a part of her life since before me. I am glad to be more comfortable around him in this way with Redpepper but still have the same requirements for polyfidelity towards other men. If anything those boundaries are becoming stronger the closer I get to Redppper.

Wow, even suggesting I was becoming more poly was a trigger for sure...interesting. Every now and then I am amazed at how natural I find my relationship although the concept of poly completely goes against my nature. I love Redpepper completely but know that without her I would I would easily migrate away from the poly and sex positive community because I am not a "natural fit"..I'm just not sure where I would end up anymore...alone I guess
Sorry If I touched a nerve or caused offence, Mono. Im glad that your relationship with Rp is at a stage where you are truly comfortable to explore such things with her. That is very special.
I dont think you would be alone .. And what truly is a natural fit? Sometimes pushing your boundaries can lead to some amazing new discoveries. As Im sure you have discovered.

I enjoy a little bit of Light Bdsm... Not the the leash and collar extent but I do enjoy being dominated and a few other things.
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