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thanks for the reply...

How close to reality did your hypothetical come.... or rather how horribly off you were?? Any factors you didn't take into account? You said Maca could do things different....different in approach or style or substantially different like having 3-4 partners all at once...or something similar to that.

My wife's clueless on many topic right now....agreed. I think she was saying those things to help me feel better and that's when I got the notion of removing myself from that role. I think the word love gets thrown around a lot and it's like the word snow. The Eskimo's have words in the double digit to describe white frozen precipitation. It might be helpful if love had a few more.

The assumption is that "primary" is something to strive for or is more rewarding or something.

What if in a V you have equal secondary's?

Thanks LR
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