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Yes, thank you!!

I think it was the fact that she was so new to the concept of actually being in a poly relationship (which, as we all know, is far different than just "dating around") and was already making comments to my husband about not wanting to share him and about having a hard time dealing with when he's at home (as opposed to on the road for work, which he is monday-friday) because he talked to her far less... (and there were a few things, that i won't get into, that really started their relationship on the wrong foot with me)... so the more I read the responses, I realize that I think it was more a case of her being single and not quite fully on-board with the poly lifestyle as opposed to her simply being "single" if that makes sense....

I appreciate the honesty and all the responses so far. We don't relaly have a lot of friends who are poly, so this site is going to be invaluable
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