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It seems to me that the only course of action is to be there for her, pat her head, make her food or whatever makes her feel loved (see "love languages" book) and just wait it out... as you would with any hard thing in her life. The same would be appropriate if she had lost a job, a relative had died, that sort of thing. That is what being a partner is about no? You don't always get in return what you put out... at least not in the moment. Sometimes down the road you do... sometimes in other ways. It's like Karma, you give, and receive back.

When I was pregnant with my boy, PN lost his job. I had to take a second one. PN was a mess! Worried sick about money, the new baby, about how to find another job. I worked my ass off at work, was in my last trimester, had to walk to the second job a couple of miles away and had to be comforting to PN... it sucked. I had my moments of anger, but it came back in other ways. That is what investing in someone is about. That is what commitment is about. Sadly I think that is getting lost in todays relationships a lot of the time.

I would suggest being a wonderful boyfriend to her as much as you can... when it is too much because she is going on and on about it to you, kindly and with as much care as you can muster, tell her that maybe she should have a girls night and go and talk to her friends... or whatever it is she does... after all (you can tell her lovingly) she should get the advice of others on this...
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