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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
smiling, with eye contact
skin-to-skin contact
providing a service or treat without being asked
giving unsolicited approval, via smiles or compliments
gazing into each other's eyes
listening intently, and restating what you hear
forgiving or overlooking an error or thoughtless remark, past or present
preparing your partner something to eat
synchronized breathing
kissing with lips and tongues
cradling, or gently rocking, your partner's head and torso (works well on a couch, or with lots of pillows)
holding, or spooning, each other in stillness
wordless sounds of contentment and pleasure
stroking with intent to comfort
massaging with intent to comfort, especially feet, shoulders and head
hugging with intent to comfort
lying with your ear over your partner's heart and listening to the heart beat
touching and sucking of nipples/breasts
gently placing your palm over your lover's genitals with intent to comfort rather than arouse
making time together at bedtime a priority
gentle intercourse

This is an awesome list! I think these things are SOOOO important. I was amazed at how many I do with my men... and derby when I can... I don't do back and feet rubs though... nope, no can do.
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