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I'm already is my wife. To all of our family....and my work...So it would serve no purpose other than to call attention to myself. "Coming out" has always been a bit of an "issue" to me. For someone to make a huge deal over it, seems to make them out to be an attention grabber, of sorts.

When my wife and I "came out" was a gradual thing...and we didn't really make a big "deal" over it. I think it went something along the lines of casually mentioning to a co-worker that I had a date one night. They asked if it was with my wife. I said no, it was with another woman. They asked me to elaborate, and insinuated that they thought I was cheating. I carefully explained to them I was not and that my wife knew, and blah blah blah. Now, everyone at my work knows that I date openly, and my wife is also, and that we are ok with each other doing that. Some think it's cool, others think we're crazy. However, the proof is in the puddin'. We've been married for 20 years now. Obviously, it works for us. And every time I talk to someone about it, I explain to them that this lifestyle is NOT for everyone. Some can't handle it, but it works for my wife and I.

So, I would probably NOT attend or participate in a "coming out" day, as we are already completely out.
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