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Thanks for the comments =) It's not that I want to tell him what to do, I guess I had hoped to give him some space without having to deal with jealousy or other emotional issues that come up with my dating. I guess hoping that he would feel more free to pursue what he wanted. I feel guilty I think that my dating or relationships stress him out so much that he can't consider dating.

I think that I will carry on with things and hope that he starts communicating with me again.

I posted when I was really frustrated btw...I feel like we are dealing with the same things over and over sometimes...for years now actually. Normally I am great with wanting to talk about things, work through feelings...but these days there doesn't seem to be as much of that. Maybe he's getting better at managing his emotions and doesn't need to talk and I'm still feeling guilty....hmmm...I'll have to ponder that.

I appreciate the fact that maybe things need to calm down before he wants to introduce more stress and confusion....I'll think on that. Seems like being in a poly situation doesn't lend itself to a lot of calmness very often though.
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