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Originally Posted by bella123456 View Post
RP - I was wondering if there was specific feedback that resulting in you wondering if that's what they were thinking?
There was a man there that said he felt threatened and didn't know why... there was an energy in the room before she told her story of people wondering if she were asexual. I picked up on it as a disappointment or threat or confusion, whether I was right about it, I will never know and I realize that. She said usually people want to know her story. I wondered if the two were related and why that might be....

Originally Posted by bella123456 View Post
It would seem entirely possible than none of them were thinking that, or 20% were or 5%..
There would seem a danger in assuming people were thinking that....and you could be starting down a path of pondering based on an erroneous assumption. Pondering would still be useful of course.

Some of those men may be deeply offended that someone would assume that about them, or even wonder..

You know, they could have that thought for a millisecond and then have moved straight to more rounded thoughts..

Oh...but now I've started assigning thoughts and motivations to a group of men in a workshop I didn't attend...which was the danger I wanted to point out. Assigning thoughts to people isn't realy fair to them...
yes, there is a danger of assuming. It seems to me that there is an assumption made about my motivation here and in Gemini's post. I don't have any questions that need answering... I was not looking for answers from people who were there thanks anyway and with that....

I think I will take this topic elsewhere for now. Thanks for the posts.
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