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It's an unfair world, right? How many women would like to find a monogamous and faithful guy, willing to commit for life. I do have it, and I want something else...

Yeah, I guess somebody will have to sacrifice something. After all, you can have anything you want, but you can't have everything you want.

I'll give it some time, maybe a couple of months, and see how the situation evolves. In addition to this, I may need a new job in some weeks, and I may have to move. Closer to my other love would be a great idea, but let's see.

Today I was telling my partner that, if we get to the point where we can't go on, he must know that my door will stay open for him, as long as he accepts me as I am. Who knows. At least we will know we love each other, even if being together turns out to be not possible. Sob.
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