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Originally Posted by HardcastleMcCormick View Post
Hi! I've found myself in a very foreign situation (though it seems to be one that is not so uncommon) that has me extremely confused.
Welcome to the forum! I hope we can help un-confuse you somewhat.

Originally Posted by HardcastleMcCormick View Post
However, I have also noticed that (more recently than my bisexual revelation) I am way more attracted to men as well. I look around constantly (at girls and boys) when I didn't even think about it before.
That's how it progressed (minus the relationship situation) for me, too. I've noticed that in general, bisexuals aren't "equally" attracted to both genders. They tend to lean toward one gender. There's nothing wrong with that. It's just a matter of preference, similar to loving two kinds of food, but preferring to eat one type over the other. You still love both, for different reasons.

Originally Posted by HardcastleMcCormick View Post
Although in some ways I am feeling like my hormones are out of control, I don't actually want to have sex with anyone outside of my relationship. As lame as this sounds when I write it out, I really only want to be able to kiss, flirt, hold hands, or other kinds of secondary sexual affection. Is this something that is common? I haven't really come across anyone else saying anything like that yet so any information would be appreciated!
I have a couple theories about that. Like BlackUnicorn mentioned, you might be polyromantic. I'm sure you can find a lot of information if you searched for the tag polyromantic on the forum.

Or you might be progressing through the stages of, er... "sexual awareness" all over again. When you first started being interested in guys, you didn't want sex with them right off, correct? You wanted to explore first - kiss, cuddle, and then eventually you started being interested in more intimate encounters. Sound familiar?

Or I may be completely off the track. In any case, I would suggest keeping an open communication channel with your boyfriend (very important), and do research on your situation... I'll let the other more experienced forum members throw research links at you... I don't know of any right now that would help, sorry.

Best of luck, and welcome.
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