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Default Just Want You all To Know that.....

....that I really appreciate all your support, understanding, and insight.

I am in a horrible place right now

I am going through what BlackUnicorn says .....I am nursing bitterness (taking a slow and painful killing poison myself, while praying someone else dies from it)

I have hate for his secondary, and anger toward her and my husband for what they have done to me

I am not going to post threads for a while....because I don't want my involve here to be centered on negativity (but it is all I have to give right now)

As for as healing goes, only time will tell right.....I know many of you said that going numb is not a good idea....and that meds may be a bad idea too.

Well that is the only thing I can do right now :9
These are the only things a can do the escape the nightmare I am in.

Hopefully in the future there are brighters days ahead

I'll keep reading and responding to others post though, I hopes to help them when ever possible.

Thank you again

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