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Originally Posted by Idlovetwo View Post
And I don't mean "resigned to it", that's not what I want, but genuinely accepting. I don't think it's easy, maybe it's not even possible
This is a good distinction to make. I am genuinely happy with the relationship that RP has with her husband..I embrace it and want it to flourish. When considering adding another man to our dynamic I can't imagine ever feeling the same way...I think settling for "resigned" would have to do on her part if we made it that far. The expectation that your partner will embrace any new relationship regardless of distance is not only unlikely, but an unfair one. That would be asking too much of almost anyone in his situation as a mono. Why is it unfair? Not only would you be asking for your husband to include another person into both your lives (because your partner will affect his life) but then you would ask him to be happy about it? Take what you can get if it is that important to you....sacrifice is expected on both sides if you can achieve anything of what you want.

Be true to yourself and accept that your partner also has to be....stay healthy, do what needs to be done to make your future a positive destination.

Take care and good luck

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