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Originally Posted by dingedheart View Post

thanks for the input ....Just use D I do..

I agree with your take on things...

PS Congratulations to you all.
D works for me.

There is a book,
"All About S.E.X.:The Scarletten Book" by Heather Corinna

In it, obviously they talk about sex, staying safe, etc. BUT-the other thing they make a huge point about is RELATIONSHIPS and specifically HEALTHY relationships, including healthy polyamorous and non-monogomous relationships.

You might check it out, see if it's something you'd be willing to go through with your daughter.
I homeschool and I had my little sister last year. She's got learning disabilities and functions at about a 12-13 year old maturity (at 16). We went through the book for Health. It was one part of her health class (obviously the sex/std part).
But, what I found was that she really got interested in the relationship section and figured out that boys who were pressing her for how she dressed even were not "good enough" for her. She really got a LOT out of the relationship information. Including feeling comfortable now telling other people that I'm polyamorous, what that means and why it's ok with her (as a young practicing Christian).
They have a website too, but I find it way too "teen-friendly" (bright colors, alternating fonts, makes my eyes hurt).

Thanks for the congrats, we pick baby and mommy up today and bring 'em home.
"Love As Thou Wilt"