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Originally Posted by Catfish View Post
.... One can not open the heart fully and expect to only welcome what's pleasant. ....
Ain't that the truth! So many of us have this poisoned notion that "spirituality" -- spiritual life, growth -- is all flowers and light, joy and peace.... But that's marketing, not spirituality. That's how "new age" bookstores scent the air.

Tenderness NEEDS strength and courage! It withers and blows away without it. And yet real strength has tenderness. Strength without tenderness is blind power. TenderStrength is ... the open heart.

It is often said that when we stop resisting or moving away from our heart pain, which often happens when it feels more than we can bear, then arive the healing insights and "sweetness and light". Right there in the thorns on the rose, amid the "teeth" of the world.
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