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Originally Posted by BlackUnicorn View Post
........... If you are not breastfeeding at the moment, I'd recommend seeking out a psychiatrist and starting out on mild anti-anxiety medication, such as SSRIs. To focus on therapy and the healing process, you need some sort of mental focus, which the meds will help you achieve. Also, it's practically impossible to get hooked on that stuff.
Hey BU...........


One thing we all try to avoid for obvious reasons is giving out medical advice - ESPECIALLY regarding meds ! First, unless you are educated and trained in the field you are unqualified. Secondly, even if you are, you can't make an accurate diagnosis over a couple posts on an internet forum ! (which you would know)

The current list of modern psyc meds is a very dangerous list and there are huge problems worldwide because of abuse and inappropriate use of these (often untested) medications.

The valid advice you a GOOD psychologist/psychiatrist. A good start. That will be challenge enough - finding someone both truly qualified and willing to put in the time to work real HEALING on a person in a holistic way. Because when it comers to matters of mental health there is no other alternative. It's (we) all a connected, interactive system.

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