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Originally Posted by barney00 View Post
.............Its only ever been all 3 of us being sexually intimate together since we all started this relationship, which is fine but I'm sure there will be jealousy when there is a 1 on 1 thing going on, I am totally fine with them 2 together without me but I'm sure the long term gf will be jealous at some point.
Hey Barney,

Good to be prepared but then again, we all know what "ass ume" does.
A lot of whether any jealousy may surface depends on the relationship between the two of them. As long as they are both on the same page about their role in making your life special all will be well. It's the 'team' approach. What's good for one may be good for the team.

But I agree you're wise to think and even TALK about this in advance. Because you're right. Just the way life & schedules flow, more than likely you'll end up one-on-one with both of them at some points.

If all is well with the tribe, the most you will have to deal with is envy - not jealousy. And it's critical that everyone understand the difference. Reality is that we can't all be everywhere at once and time conflicts will come up sometimes. That's not any individuals 'fault' - it's just the world we live in. Envy is a lot easier to work through. And it can have it's positive sides because it can force us to evaluate our life and see where we may need to make some adjustments to come closer to where our real happiness lies.

Good luck - keep it simple.

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