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Default She's a woman in love and her heart been broke to pieces but it ain't me.

I've been with my gf for 2 yrs. She was already poly and in a 5 yr relationship w a guy that is also poly.
The first year was the most intense and magical experience of my life. Things began to slow down when the break up of her other relationship occurred.
At that point I was letting her have space to grieve.
Then I was quite shocked to find out that she had started up another relationship instead with a guy that was quite close to the recent ex.
This new relationship filled me with fear from the get go. Not only the changes it brought to our scheduling but how they would justify extra nights after the fact.

Well you get the picture. So the gf and I have been in couples counseling for about 9 mos now. I am learning how to ask for what I want. And that I am worthy of being loved.

Well a few mos ago, she deducted that he was more into polyfuckery than polyfidelity. I guess that during their talks at this point, he decided, not to change. She has felt dumped ever since.

Now my problem is that she is devasted, feels depressed and suicidal.

I feel very alone and invisible.
If it weren't for the magical first year I'd a been out of here.
I wonder if she is only chasing the NRE. She sez she loves me as intensely as before. But, I dunno if it is my ego or reality. I feel unappreciated.
How am I supposed to deal with this?
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